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If you’re looking to invest in window shutters, in Salisbury, the company to call is Shutters & Blinds. We supply a stunning range of shutters with styles and colours to suit any interior décor. Our shutters are made using premium-quality materials, made-to-measure, and installed by our professional team of fitters. Take advantage of more than 30 years’ experience, call us on 01722 443 246 and we’ll beat any genuine, like-for-like quote by 10%.

The Best Supplier of Window Shutters, Salisbury Has to Offer

Shutters are a solid investment for any home or commercial property owner looking to add tastefully designed window coverings. Unlike curtains, shutters are hypoallergenic, easy to clean and afford greater control over privacy and light levels. This is on top of other great benefits such as UV protection, and excellent sound and thermal insulating properties. So when you’re in the market for window shutters in Salisbury, who do you turn to?

The answer is simple – Shutters & Blinds. Whether you’re buying for your home or business, we offer a wide range of unique options that are sophisticated, eye-catching, and functional. Our attractive, versatile, stylish range includes many incredible options, such as:

We’re proud to supply Salisbury window shutters which are the finest around. To find out more about each of these types, keep reading.

Our Excellent Range of Window Shutters in Salisbury

Café Style

Café style shutters are aptly suited for in, you guessed it, cafés. While you could use any other type and some are better suited, café style window shutters, Salisbury customers are truly unique in that they only cover the bottom section of a window. This permits natural light to enter the establishment while allowing for excellent privacy control. These shutters come in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles to suit your café’s interior.


But what if your windows are unusually shaped? There’s no denying this can complicate matters, especially as many window shutters in Salisbury are designed to fit conventional windows. But at Shutters & Blinds, we provide a range of shaped shutters which are specially designed to fit unusually shaped windows. These come in the usual customisable options.


If your property is equipped with full-height windows (windows which extend from the floor the ceiling), traditional shutters won’t fit them properly. For years, we’ve supplied Salisbury window shutters which are of the full-height variety. These shutters encompass the entire window and come with a frame attached to the panels. Even better, the top and bottom sections can be opened independently of one another.

Solid Panel

Solid panel window shutters in Salisbury are the epitome of privacy and light control – there simply is no other product that can compare. These options are virtually maintenance-free and also offer fantastic levels of sound and thermal insulation. They are a fantastic well-rounded window covering option.

Two honourable mentions are our tier-on-tier and tracked window shutters. For more information, make sure to click on their respective links.

Salisbury Wooden Plantation Shutters

Proud to Supply Salisbury Window Shutters That Are the Best Around

When it comes to purchasing window shutters in Salisbury, you cannot go wrong with Shutters & Blinds. We supply and fit high-quality products and are committed to our ‘good price promise’ that ensures you always get the best rates around. Capitalising on this promise, we’ll beat any genuine, like-for-like quote by 10% – simply let us know if you’ve already shopped around elsewhere.

What sets us apart from other companies is our 100% service commitment. Our dedicated and professional team oversee every job we undertake, providing a level of service that’s not often found in the industry. All our products are top-tier, bespoke, made-to-measure, and built to last. They’ll keep your home shaded, providing you with invaluable UV protection, sound, and thermal insulation. Plus, they’ll help to keep out prying eyes, and they look magnificent.

We’re confident that we have the most exceptional window shutters, Salisbury has seen. If you’re convinced too, now is the time to get in touch using the details below.

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