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Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

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Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

If you’re looking for the most gorgeous plantation shutters Amesbury has to offer, there’s one company you need to call, and that’s Shutters & Blinds. We’re the premium supplier of shaped shutters and motorised blinds with options to fit any home or commercial décor. For reliable, functional, stylish window dressings, you’ll find no finer options at this price range anywhere else.

With our eclectic range of products, we have window dressings to suit all requirements and budgets. And if you bring us a genuine, like-for-like quote, we’ll beat it by 10%. For your FREE, no-obligation quote, call our team today on 01722 411 917.

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When it comes to sourcing the most desirable wooden shutters for your home or business, you cannot falter by choosing Shutters & Blinds. We are the number one suppliers of bespoke wooden plantation shutters. Amesbury customers have been blown away by our premium services and products for countless years.

We’re dedicated to supplying and fitting blinds and shutters that fulfil all our customers’ requirements. We want to make sourcing quality blinds and shutters a breeze. Whatever your property’s décor, we make choosing the right options simple, so you’re left wholly satisfied with your choice.

Below, we have detailed the superb plantation shutters Amesbury customers can purchase from Shutters & Blinds. Keep reading to find out more.

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Bringing the Best Plantation Shutters to Amesbury, Wiltshire

We’re committed to providing customers with the best wooden shutters with a fantastic range of unique window solutions to suit any property. Our wooden plantation shutters are an excellent way to infuse the room with sophisticated vibes. We have quality options that are made to measure and built using premium timber. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.

Different Types of Plantation Shutters

At Shutters & Blinds, we proudly supply the most versatile range of wooden plantation shutters Amesbury has to offer. Listed below are the different types of wooden shutters we have available:

Full-Height Plantation Shutters

If your property has full-height windows, normal-sized shutters won’t quite fit. Full-height shutters are extra-long variants that go from the floor to the top of the window/ ceiling. These shutters are normally designed with a mid-rail section that allows for the top and bottom of the shutters to open and close separately.

Tier-On-Tier Plantation Shutters

Tier-on-tier plantation shutters, Amesbury customers, are shutters that consist of two sets of shutters with one set fitted above the other. These are designed for full-height windows and are a sound alternative to full-height shutters. Each set of panels folds independently of the other allowing for more precise control over light and privacy.

Café-Style Plantation Shutters

If you’ve ever set foot in a café, you’ll instantly recognise café-style shutters. These are shutters that cover only the lower portion of the window. They are rooted in French design and from this stems the elegant qualities that make these shutters stand out. These are perfect for bay windows.

Solid Wood Plantation Shutters

As the name implies, solid panel shutters are shutters comprised of solid wood panels rather than slats. These shutters are sturdy and practical but look aesthetically pleasing, too. With these shutters, you have better control over light and privacy and are sure to add a touch of class to proceedings.

The Arena Brochure

Download the Arena Brochure, packed with a number of style tips, or browse our extensive collection in our New Milton or Salisbury showrooms and enjoy expert design and style advice from our experienced staff.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

With the right set of plantation shutters, Amesbury customers can enjoy a whole host of benefits, including:


With a set of shutters, you have complete control over your privacy. Angle the slats to let in the right amount of light while keeping out prying eyes.

Light Control

And by angling the slats, you can also control the amount of light that enters your home. Angle them to let in light while maintaining privacy, open them entirely, or close them to shut out the light.


Wooden plantation shutters are highly versatile. Unlike other window dressing options, wooden shutters fit virtually any room in the home, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Temperature Control

Wood is a terrific insulator and can easily block out noise and draughts while helping to maintain the internal ambient temperature. Keep your costs down with the right set of shutters.

Enhanced Security

Shutters are great for enhancing property security by keeping out prying eyes. They can let in the right amount of light while keeping anyone outside from seeing any valuable possessions you have on display.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Unlike curtains, shutters don’t need washing. Simply dust and wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them looking great. And as they don’t harbour dust and dirt the way curtains do, they are hypoallergenic.

Discover Our Most Popular Plantation Shutter Styles

When it comes to popular trends, we have our finger on the pulse. We know what is stylish and what will work best in our customers’ properties. Wooden plantation shutters, Amesbury customers, are unmatched when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. Wood is a popular material that’s been widely used for many years. It oozes with sophistication that’s unmatched by other materials, and wooden shutters go well in virtually any room of the household.

There’s no denying that interior wooden shutters are among the hottest trends in window dressing currently. With the right set of wooden shutters, you can achieve a modish look and feel that greatly elevates the appearance of your home. While blinds are also a worthy contender, if wood is your thing, then plantation shutters are surely for you.

Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Why Choose Us for Plantation Shutters in Amesbury

Here at Shutters & Blinds, we take immense pride in our status as the premier fabricator, supplier, and fitter of wooden plantation shutters. Amesbury domestic and commercial customers can count on our expertise honed over 30+ years. Our reputation continues to go from strength to strength, and we’re confident that you won’t find a single customer dissatisfied with our service.

We’re a local, family-run business that’s committed to delivering impeccable, personalised customer service. We offer sound advice, and our FREE measuring, advice, and fittings makes choosing the right shutters a breeze. And with the widest range of shutters available, Amesbury customers will be spoilt for choice when they come to Shutters & Blinds.

With our one-to-one services, you’re assured of results tailored to your requirements and budget. We have much to offer and this is evident when you visit one of our quality showrooms. With most of our products manufactured in-house, customers can trust that we’re always in control of quality. And our prices are highly competitive thanks to our ‘Good Price’ promise, so you’ll enjoy great value for money.

So, for the best plantation shutters, Amesbury customers need look no further than Shutters & Blinds

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We’ll also beat any genuine, like-for-like quote by 10%, and thanks to our ‘Good Price’ promise, you’ll never pay over the odds for your plantation shutters, Amesbury customers.

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