Full Height Shutters

Why Choose Full Height Shutters?

As you’d expect from the name, full height shutters are designed to encompass the entire window and come complete with a frame that’s attached to the panels. What makes full height shutters such an amazing option is the fact they’re highly versatile. They can be installed in virtually any room, and thanks to their highly durable design; they’ll stand the test of time. As with other shutters, full height shutters are also an excellent low maintenance option. To summarise, the benefits include:

  • Suitable for All Manner of Building Types
  • Midrail Section Allows for Top and Bottom of Shutters to be Opened and Closed Separately
  • Sturdy and Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Versatile
  • Available in a Wide Range of Materials
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Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Supplying Full Height Shutters in New Milton and Salisbury

We’ll beat any like-for-like quote by 10%.

Here at Shutters & Blinds, we stock the finest selection of beautifully crafted full height shutters, providing you with complete control over the light and privacy in any room. Available in a selection of sizes to suit windows of various sizes, these shutters have been designed to cover the entire window, providing the full range of benefits. This makes them a worthwhile choice for any home or business.

The Materials We Offer


Made from MDF, this material is robust and durable, making it a popular choice for many homeowners across the country. Seattle shutters are coated in polymer and are very easy to clean.


Perfect for controlling privacy and light, these MDF shutters give the appearance of real wood. They are made up of panels with ABS louvres.


An incredibly strong material that is resistant to moisture. They can be produced with a stunning matte finish, and they are unlikely to dent or chip over time.


Suited for any décor and setting, Boston shutters are made from solid basswood panels and contain an MDF frame. This high quality option is also incredibly hard-wearing.


This option is made from premium hardwood and contains a tight grain with a smooth finish. These shutters provide extra durability and can come with a concealed hinge.

Our Service

At Shutters & Blinds, we provide a truly comprehensive service which includes design and installation.

From the initial consultation to our specialist manufacturing process and technical installations, you are assured of a first-class service. Plus, we can also repair your shutters too if necessary. Take advantage of more than 30 years’ experience. Call Shutters & Blinds today to find out more.

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