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Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

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Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Are you looking for a company that supplies and fits the most attractive energy efficient blinds and shades? Suppose your search has brought you to us. In that case, you can consider your search over, as we’re widely regarded as one of the top suppliers of thermal energy saving blinds and shades in Salisbury, New Milton, and the surrounding areas.

At the time of writing, the UK is facing a cost-of-living crisis, with energy bills set to soar come winter. Many homes face the reality of fuel poverty and the very likely prospect of a difficult few months ahead. The good news is that there are things you can do to protect yourself come winter. Installing energy efficient blinds and shades is an excellent way to lower your dependency on your heating system.

And when you come to Shutters & Blinds, you can choose from dozens of high-quality products, with options to suit any décor. We’ll help you decide, so you end up with reliable, functional, stylish blinds to help insulate your home. Ours is a 100% service commitment to you backed by our ‘Good Price Promise’.

We always go the extra mile to ensure you’re left wholly satisfied, including ensuring that your new energy efficient blinds don’t break the bank. Go online to explore our range for more details or to use our Shutter Calculator. And to speak to a member of our team directly, pick up the phone and call us on 01722 411 917 (Salisbury) or 01425 626 506 (New Milton).

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Welcome to Shutters & Blinds – we’re a team of New Milton, and Salisbury shaped and motorisation specialists with more than 30 years of experience to our name. We offer a fantastic range of modern, traditional, and custom blinds, shutters, and patio awnings and canopies for residential and commercial customers. We’re an independent and local company committed to providing products that enhance our customers’ homes in more ways than one.

Winter is coming, and with it, an inevitable hike in energy prices, impacted by current global events. Inflation is at a record high, and property owners are understandably concerned about what lies ahead. You need to keep warm, but heating your home will mean costly energy bills, so what can you do to stay comfortable while mitigating your costs slightly?

One way is to install energy saving blinds, such as the ones we supply. All blinds are energy efficient as they help to regulate the temperature in our homes. A set of blinds could save up to 30% of the energy that would otherwise be lost through heating and cooling throughout the day (more on this below).

And when you come to Shutters & Blinds, we’ll design a bespoke set of energy efficient blinds that’ll suit your décor down to the ground. What’s more, when you come to us with any genuine, like-for-like quote, we’ll beat it by 10%!

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Best Energy Efficient Blinds

At Shutters & Blinds, we offer the best energy efficient blinds and boast more than three decades of experience. Times are tough, but our prices are not. Every set of blinds in our range is competitively priced, and we’ll knock even more off if you bring us a genuine, like-for-like quote. You can get your FREE online estimate or if you’d prefer, call us to obtain one over the phone.

Thermal Energy Saving Blinds 

All energy efficient blinds are great at regulating temperature, and our thermal energy saving blinds are no exception. Heat transfer is much higher without window coverings where there is exposed glass, such as windows. Our blinds trap the air between them, acting as an insulator and reducing heat transfer.

The amount of heat transfer is measured by the R-scale – the higher the value, the more effective the blinds are. Motorised energy efficient window shades are among the most effective, as many can be set to open and close during suitable hours, maximising the insulating benefits.

Types of Energy Efficient Blinds We Offer

We recognise that no two customers will necessarily have the same tastes or requirements, which is why we at Shutters & Blinds offer a wide range of energy efficient blinds.

The options we have available include:

Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Our energy saving roller blinds are a classic option that’s simple to use, highly efficient, and a joy to look upon. All our energy efficient blinds, including our roller blinds, are made locally, and installed by our highly trained installation specialists. These thermal energy saving blinds are easy to operate and fully cover the window, providing excellent insulating performance.

Energy Efficient Blackout Roller Blinds

Our energy efficient blackout roller blinds are the same as our roller blinds in all but one important detail – these blinds are designed with an added backing that creates a ‘blackout’ effect. In short, when closed, these blinds plunge the entire room into darkness, blocking out any light. These energy efficient window shades are perfect for keeping your bedroom warm and dark at night.

Energy Efficient Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a popular option for the kitchen and living areas of the home, largely because of their gorgeous fabric-based pleated design. They are perfect for embellishing any window space, elevating aesthetics, and helping to reduce heat loss. You simply pull the cord, and you can adjust the blind level upwards or downwards as you desire.

These energy efficient blinds are tailored to fit all manner of window sizes and come in a broad palette of colour tones with various fabric prints to suit any home.

Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Door Blinds

Because of how bi-fold doors open (concertina effect), regular blinds aren’t suitable. Bi-fold energy efficient blinds are individual units placed between the glass on each door section, rather than one single blind extending the length and width of the opening. Each blind is controlled either by a string or crank handle.

The U-values of these blinds play a vital role in minimising heat loss and are designed with UV-resistant materials, so the blinds won’t fade or discolour. Conversely, in summer, these blinds, as with all blinds, can also help keep your home nice and cool.

Energy Saving Vertical Blinds

Vertical energy efficient blinds are blinds comprised of vertical lengths of fabric clipped to a sliding track at the top. A plastic wand hangs down, and this is twisted one way to open the slats, allowing in light, and the other way, to close them. The wand is pulled one way or another to slide the slats along the track. Weights in between ensure that the slats are always evenly spaced.

The Arena Brochure

Download the Arena Brochure, packed with a number of style tips, or browse our extensive collection in our New Milton or Salisbury showrooms and enjoy expert design and style advice from our experienced staff.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Blinds

With the colder months fast approaching and energy bills set to rise to astronomical levels, now has never been a better time to invest in thermal energy saving blinds. While you’ll still need to heat your home, covering your windows with blinds will help you ease off somewhat, saving you money and leaving you better off.

If you’re still undecided, here are a few reasons why you need energy saving blinds:

  • Increases the Comfort of Your Home 
  • Saves You Money 
  • Blocks UV Rays 
  • Boosts Your Property’s Market Value 
  • Reduces Emissions 

That last point might be a little puzzling, but consider that with a set of insulating blinds, you’ll be using your heating less. Less heating used means fewer fossil fuels burned and fewer emissions released into the world.

Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Over 30 Years Experience

100% Service Commitment

High Quality Products

Good Price Promise

Other Shutters & Blinds Options we Offer

In addition to the options listed above, we also supply and install a range of other energy efficient blinds, shades, and shutters, including:

Plus, we provide motorisation services, converting regular manual blinds into automatic variants.

Why Choose Us?

The team at Shutters & Blinds have been designing, fabricating, and fitting energy efficient blinds and Shades for over 30 years. And as our name implies, we also fabricate and fit shutters, with a wide range of options available. We possess plenty of experience, and our 100% service commitment and ‘Good Price Promise’ have garnered us an impressive number of testimonials in our years of operation.

As the number one shaped and motorisation specialists in New Milton, Salisbury, and the surrounding areas, you can count on us to leave you wholly satisfied. We deliver high-quality products, professional installation services, and excellent aftercare services. And we’ll beat any genuine, like-for-like quote by 10%.

If you’re looking for reliable, stylish, functional custom blinds, shutters, canopies and awnings, you won’t find a better selection of modern or traditional options anywhere else. And you won’t find a more accomplished team or superior service elsewhere either.

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So, if you’re looking to ease your energy costs this winter, invest in energy efficient blinds from Shutters & Blinds. The right set of blinds can help reduce heat loss and maintain your home at a more comfortable temperature without running the heating non-stop. And remember, blinds are an excellent hypoallergenic alternative to regular curtains.

Here at Shutters & Blinds, we’re always delighted to discuss our excellent thermal energy saving blinds in more detail. If you have any questions or doubts, we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest opportunity. We’d be delighted to provide you with the advice you seek and helpful suggestions. And we’ll schedule a visit if you’d like to measure up for new energy efficient window shades.

The quickest way to contact Shutters & Blinds is to phone our team on 01722 411 917 (Salisbury) or 01425 626 506 (New Milton). Alternatively, fill out our contact form or email

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